A new photo site, and a new home for my blog.

Welcome!  Some of you may have found your way here from my old WordPress blog, California and Beyond.  I recently decided to take a big step and set up my own photography site, a necessary step in becoming a professional photographer.  I didn’t want to abandon my blog altogether, so I decided to incorporate it into the new site.

I’ll try to post semi-regularly, and the subjects will range from everything to shooting locations and experiences in the field to my thoughts on the business and photography in general.  We’re reaching the time of year when landscape subjects aren’t at their best–no good sky, no exciting colors (mostly)–so I’ll have a little more time to concentrate on building this site and writing more frequently (I hope) before things get crazy again this fall when the aspens begin to turn.  I’ll probably write with some frequency about my documentary project on the Owens Lake, a subject near and very dear to my heart.

Thanks to all who’ve followed me so far, and I hope you’ll continue with me on my journey.

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