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As I try to work around several bugs in the current website software I use, I realize it’s time for a complete design overhaul–which is no small task.  It’s been an extraordinarily busy winter and spring with my photography–a very good thing!–so as things settle down after Memorial Day weekend, I’ll finally have the time to devote to a site makeover.

One of the bugs I’ve been dealing with has been the inability to upload my new work to the gallery, and there’s a lot of work I’m excitedly waiting to add.  My most recent couple of trips have been return visits to the Arizona and Utah canyons and deserts, including a beautiful couple of days spent in the Cedar Mesa region in southern Utah.  One place I’d been looking forward to seeing was the “House on Fire” Anasazi ruin in Mule Canyon, pictured below.  While the ruin was the object of my photographic desire–and it did not disappoint–the canyon itself is one of the prettiest places I’ve had the pleasure of hiking.  If you’re ever in the area, Cedar Mesa is a beautiful place to explore with countless hiking trails and many ruins similar to this one.

In the meantime, you can keep up with what and where I’ve been shooting by exploring my Flickr photostream, where I post much of my work–sometimes in rather raw form.  Flickr is a wonderful online community for photographers–so much more than just a photo-sharing site–and I’ll be devoting a blog post to that topic in the coming days.

Until then, thanks for reading, enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for the new, improved site!

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I am doing much the same thing right now in overhauling my website. The admin side of my gallery software is hard to use and has discouraged me from uploading new photos as well. This is a problem in a few ways because I wrote it!

What sort of platform are you going to use in the new site?

Michael, I’m using the photocrati templates, which are WordPress-based. I’m spending today doing the redesign (I’d had some issues getting the upgrades to work, but that has finally been solved). I really love their theme options, and the upgrade includes things like e-commerce capability, which I’ve needed badly. So far, so good! Their support is quite good, and I highly recommend them.

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