I’m joining PhotoVerse–and why you should get this app

I was recently invited to have my photos and blog included on the PhotoVerse iPhone and iPad app, and will appear on the next upgrade (which the developer tells me will be a major one).  I am delighted to be part of this app, and here’s why:

PhotoVerse is an aggregator for photographers–their work, their blogs and general photography news.  A bargain at 99 cents, this app will collect all the latest news, blog posts and photos into a single stream, eliminating the need for you to maintain scores of bookmarks or favorites.

From the developer’s description:

Introducing Photoverse: an app developed by Photographers for Photographers.Get it at 50% discount for limited times.Ever find that you are constantly juggling websites to find the latest content, reading the most thorough reviews, searching for the best tips and tricks?We were too, and that is why we created Photoverse – to cover the universe of Photography.

Photoverse collects information from multiple sources and blogs related to photography, pools them and presents them to you in an easy to read scrollable list.And you get to choose which of the many useful feeds go on that list. Whether it be a mashup of news websites, or blogs of top photographers or photography knowledge sharing resources – you decide from the ever expanding list that we frequently update.We even highlight featured and upcoming artists and websites which host works from different artists around the world.

And if you want to improve your knowledge, we also list workshops from prominet photographers.  All pages are rendered locally – so you never have to leave the application, unlike other readers out there.And in this view, you can even play videos and other media inline.Find anything interesting? Now, you can save that for later reading, or share it with friends via facebook, twitter or email using the iPhone’s email client.Not only that, the application works in both landscape and portrait mode.And it looks great on the iPad.

And even better, the upcoming upgrade will be a major one, allowing for much more customization by the user.  Blog feeds (which is where you’ll find me on the app) will now be customizable, with users able to hide or delete blogs that don’t interest them, as well as a bookmark feature that makes it easier for users to find blog posts by their favorite photographers.

There will be new content in every section, including a new section for wedding and portrait photographers.  Users will also notice faster download times on multiple feeds, and the developers hint there may even be a new “surprise” feature.  This is a great app to add to your iPhone or iPad whether you’re a working photographer or just someone who enjoys reading about photography.  At just 99 cents, you can’t go wrong.

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