Things are hoppin’ in 2014!

Slow activity here on the blog usually means things are extra-busy on the photography front, and 2014 has been especially busy–and exciting!  This is just a quick update to fill you in on what I’ve been up to.

New exhibit this summer in Los Angeles

First, and most exciting and important–my conservation photography project on the Owens Lake in the Eastern Sierra is scheduled to go on exhibit at the G2 Gallery in Venice, California from June 10, 2014 through July 27, 2014.  I’ve been working on this project on and off for over four years, and it’s hugely rewarding to know that it’ll finally get a great public showing.  If you’re not familiar with Owens Lake, and even if you think you are familiar with it–please come see the exhibit and find out what a broken but beautiful and thriving place it is.

Reflection, Sierra Crest and Owens Lake
Reflection, Sierra Crest and Owens Lake

 Interview in Outdoor Photographer magazine

I also found out this morning that Outdoor Photographer magazine has published an interview it did with several landscape photographers–including me–about the essentials of landscape photography beyond that camera we hold in our hands.  There’s a lot of great info from photographers who’ve been an inspiration to me, and it’s worth checking out.

Look for more updates on the documentary project in the coming months, especially my updates (hopefully live blogging, cell reception permitting) as I do a perimeter hike of Owens Lake during spring migration.

Yes, I still shoot things

I’ve been too busy to update my galleries with recent work, unfortunately (that’s now a front-burner priority), but if you’d like to see what I’ve been seeing lately, you can always check out my photostream on Flickr, which is akin to a raw newsfeed.  I post just about everything there from portfolio-level images to pics of things I simply found interesting for one reason or another.  I’ll publish a new blog post as soon as the galleries are updated!

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